Artist Statement


My life has been blessed and blended with duality.  For over 65 years, I have been a creative artist in conjunction with having been a mental health professional for 38 years. My artistic abilities were enhanced and influenced through a formal arts education and by hands on training.  My strengths are in my art work, communication, dedication and teamwork. My mission is to invigorate and inspire others through mosaic arts whether in a private garden exhibition, as a mural or on a five-story building.

Today, I utilize both art and psychology by working as an instructor for the last ten years with Piece by Piece, a non profit organization that provides low-income and formerly homeless people free mosaic art workshops using recycled materials to develop marketable skills, self-confidence, earned income and an improved quality of life. Through my passion for learning, teaching and sharing my knowledge of art and psychology, I teach the ancient art form of mosaics and unofficially counsel participants

Piece by Piece’s talented staff are nationally and internationally acclaimed mosaic artists. Our unique individual voices add to the collective choir of collaboration, giving our artwork verve and wonder. Our projects include schools, public art, private commissions and curated award-winning exhibitions that bring art into our community and enliven the spirits of those around us.i.

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